Getting your greenhouse ready for summer

Gabriel Ash offers a wide range of greenhouses that will keep your garden looking great all year round. For a longer lasting design, the Red Cedar wood greenhouse is a great choice. This design not only looks stunning during summer when packed with a variety of plants but will also keep your garden looking great all year round.

As the weather grows warmer, your plants will need extra care and attention. Keeping your greenhouse at is best will enable you to avoid the problems that warmer weather can cause, such as overheating. Adding a ventilation system will help to keep the atmosphere within your greenhouse healthy. There are many types of ventilation systems available that will suit all types of greenhouses.

It is vital that you keep your greenhouse cool during the warmer months so that your plants remain healthy. In addition to adding ventilation, you can also improve the atmosphere within your greenhouse by leaving doors open and placing your plants in shaded areas so that they do not become overheated. Adding a fan heater with a cool setting will also help to keep your plants healthy.

During summer, it is vital that you keep a watering can close by, as your plants will need plenty of water. Watering your plants twice daily will help to keep them at their best. Some types of plants, such as exotic plants or cacti, require very little water and will thrive in the summer heat. Researching the needs of any plants you are planning to grow will enable you to provide them with the right amount of water that they need to remain healthy during summer.

As the weather grows warmer, there is an increased risk of pests and plant disease. It is vital that you take the right steps to avoid these problems. Opting for organic methods of pest removal will help to keep your greenhouse and plants healthy. Organic sprays, blasts of water and sticky traps will enable you to easily remove pests without exposing your plants to harmful chemicals.