Are Greenhouses Good For The Environment

When someone asks if greenhouses are environmentally friendly, we usually think of the little, glass shed we have at the bottom of our garden. This is hothousing on the smallest possible scale and surely can’t have any negative impact on the environment. However, those huge industrial models – the ones used to produce cut roses on Valentines Day and year-round cucumbers – they don’t seem environmentally friendly at all. Be that as it may, new technologies from these behemoth relatives can help garden greenhouse designers put the green back into the greenhouse. And there maybe be ways we can offset the small damage that individual greenhouses create while using our greenhouses more. Continue reading “Are Greenhouses Good For The Environment”

How To Build A Greenhouse

If having a greenhouse is your dream but you are on a tight budget, buying a high-quality kit and building it yourself could be the solution. Not only will you save on installation costs but also on all the associated expenses, such as preparing the ground and laying foundations. Once you have completed the groundwork, you can order your greenhouse and start building. Continue reading “How To Build A Greenhouse”

Building A Small Greenhouse

Whether for a garden or allotment, a greenhouse is a must if you want to get serious about growing plants, flowers, fruit or vegetables. It opens up a world of possibilities to the gardener and enables you to provide a suitable environment for a wide range of plants to thrive. A greenhouse can be used to protect delicate plants from winter frosts, grow exotic species in climates too cold to sustain them usually, and bring on certain plants or crops early. Continue reading “Building A Small Greenhouse”