What Do Greenhouses Do To Help Plants Grow

If you have been gardening for a while, you will know that plants have a limited growing season. You will most likely have wished that you could extend that period. Of course, this is possible if you plant your plants in a greenhouse. It gives you an opportunity to grow plants that would not normally thrive in your climate, and it can extend the fruit production and plant growth. Continue reading “What Do Greenhouses Do To Help Plants Grow”

How To Build A Glass Greenhouse

For attractiveness, the glass greenhouse is the most popular style of greenhouse. The commonest garden greenhouse size is 8 by 6 feet or 2.4 by 1.8 meters. This size allows gardeners all the advantages of a garden greenhouse without taking up too much space or being too expensive. However, glass greenhouses can be expensive, for this reason, many people who decide to make a small glass greenhouse of this size decide to make their own using recycled or new materials. Continue reading “How To Build A Glass Greenhouse”

How To Build A Small Greenhouse

There is more to planning a greenhouse than its construction. Choice of location, size and orientation involve some horticultural forethought: will it be used as a cool house for over-wintering plants or a hothouse for plants that appreciate tropical heat? In the UK, it is usually best to think about catching the winter sun; if your options give you a choice between morning and evening sun, morning will promote more growth. Continue reading “How To Build A Small Greenhouse”

How Does A Greenhouse Work To Help Plants Grow

Greenhouses come in many shapes and sizes, from the miniature that is just big enough for one or two plants to grand glass houses for any number of plants. This makes greenhouse growing accessible for anyone, even if all you have is a balcony. But how do greenhouses work, and what are the benefits of having one? Continue reading “How Does A Greenhouse Work To Help Plants Grow”