Storage Secrets For Your Storage Shed

The purpose of a storage shed is to keep those regularly used items close at hand, whilst keeping rarely used items less accessible but neat and tidy. Storing your potting compost at the back of your shed, behind the wheelbarrow and the lawn mower, may seem to be a good idea at the time, but as you move everything out of the way for the third time in a week, you can soon see the sense of better-thought out system. Continue reading “Storage Secrets For Your Storage Shed”

How To Use Your Greenhouse To Produce Food All Year Round

Greenhouse gardening is a great way to expand vegetable growing seasons. Creating a warmer environment, adjusting the humidity and even the lighting, can make it possible to nurture crops and protect against sudden changes in weather. However, you don’t need a commercially equipped greenhouse to enjoy fresh food all year round. You just have to choose the right seasonal vegetables. Continue reading “How To Use Your Greenhouse To Produce Food All Year Round”

How To Insulate Your Greenhouse

If you’re worried about your fennel freezing or your fuchsias getting frostbite, then making sure your greenhouse is insulated for the winter is a gardening essential. There’s no need to worry about expensive installation or specialised materials, either, as this is a DIY project that most amateur gardeners can achieve with ease. Read on to find out how to source and fit your own insulation, for an inexpensive but highly effective way of protecting your plants and vegetables during the winter months. Continue reading “How To Insulate Your Greenhouse”