What Is The Function Of A Greenhouse

The vast majority of British gardeners use their greenhouses for growing vegetables and starting off flowering plants for transfer into the garden. Some also use their greenhouses for growing more exotic plants or for flowers to be cut and displayed in the home. This is because the greenhouse offers a controllable environment and one which makes the most of the fleeting appearance of the British summer. However, knowing what to do in your greenhouse and when is an essential part of successful gardening. Continue reading “What Is The Function Of A Greenhouse”

What Is A Cold Frame

If you ask gardening expert Eliot Coleman about cold frames, he will tell you are they the most dependable, least exploited piece of gardening kit you can buy. If you think of cold frames, you might be imagining the walled gardens of grand houses, and a team of gardeners toiling to grow pineapples or some other exotic in the English climate.In fact, cold frames are simple to make and use, and incredibly versatile in the garden. Continue reading “What Is A Cold Frame”

5 Greenhouse Plants To Get You Started

For the experienced gardener and the beginner alike, buying a greenhouse is an exciting moment. It allows you to extend the growing season and try out some exotic plants that you might not otherwise be able to grow; however, if you are a greenhouse novice, how do you know the right plants to pick and which will be easy to grow? Continue reading “5 Greenhouse Plants To Get You Started”