Plant Inspiration

The work to the new house is finally coming together, and I’m now ensconced at my new working space with a view of the back garden. One day I hope this scene will soothe my email-addled brain and inspire feature ideas in a way staring at the blank wall at my old house never could. Unfortunately at the moment the back garden is not even a work in progress and is inspiring just frustration. Continue reading “Plant Inspiration”

Gabriel Ash and the RHS – Inspiring Everyone To Grow At RHS Garden Wisley’s New Allotment Plots

Gabriel Ash and the RHS have a long standing relationship.  Gabriel Ash were one of the first RHS Licensed Partners and they are proud to have had a continuing relationship with the RHS since gaining the first Licence agreement back in 2005.  Gabriel Ash are proud to be the only Timber Greenhouse manufacturer to be endorsed by the RHS, but this has always been more than simply a logo to display on our web site and literature, we have always tried to see it as a partnership and try to get involved in any way we can to help the RHS encourage growth and development in horticulture. Continue reading “Gabriel Ash and the RHS – Inspiring Everyone To Grow At RHS Garden Wisley’s New Allotment Plots”

In The Market For A New Greenhouse

I’ve moved house and had to leave my greenhouse behind, so I’m in the market for a new one. As new home priorities go a glass structure in the garden should be fairly low on the list of things to purchase, behind the replastering and new carpets. Then there’s the curtain poles and curtains, which would be useful if we don’t want our new neighbours talking. Despite all this, catalogues with fabulous greenhouses have been falling on the doormat over the last few weeks. Continue reading “In The Market For A New Greenhouse”

Greenhouse Types and Uses – A Decision To Be Made?

We often get asked to explain the differing types of greenhouses we offer and also the suitability of each greenhouse for certain growing ambitions and garden sizes.  In our experience though the first thing to ask yourself is how you see yourself using your greenhouse.  Your new glasshouse can become your garden refuge and there is more to a greenhouse than simply a tool to grow plants. Continue reading “Greenhouse Types and Uses – A Decision To Be Made?”