What to do this Halloween

As the crisp mornings and lush autumnal tones start to creep in, there’s no denying the distinct season change in the air… But who’s not a tad excited at the appearance of woolly winter wear, steamy bowls of soup and cosy nights in?!

Before we’re condemned for mentioning the “festive season” too soon, we take a look at what you can do to keep the family entertained this Halloween…


Find a local “Pick Your Own” event and take the family along to choose the perfect pumpkin… They’ve usually got other activities like spooky corn mazes and fun fairs to make a day of it…

Host a Halloween Party

Invite some close friends and family and host a gruesome get together with themed party food, spooky games like bobbing for apples, a costume catwalk, or even a pumpkin carving competition…

Send a picture of your pumpkin creations to socialmedia@gabrielash.com or upload it to our Facebook Page by midnight on 31st October 2018 and you could win an accessories bundle of a set of 3 seed trays, a potting tray, and a watering can…

Harvest your Seeds…

Depending on the size of your Pumpkin, you can harvest a pretty good stock of seeds for next year with minimal fuss…

Saving your Pumpkin Seeds

  1. Remove the innards and seeds of your pumpkin and place in a colander.
  2. Run water over the seeds and pulp and pick out the seeds. You will likely not need as many seeds as you’ll find in the pumpkin so just pick out a healthy stock to see you through the season – around three times more seeds then the amount of plants you plan on growing.
  3. Larger seeds will have a better chance of germinating, so try and cherry pick the biggest ones.
  4. Space your seeds out on a dry paper towel, and place them in a cool dry spot for around a week.
  5. Once the seeds are dry, store in an envelope ready for planting next season.

Order your free seed collecting kit and sample of Mr Fothergills Cinderella Pumpkin Seeds Here: https://gardenerscorner.gabrielash.com/pumpkin-seeds-giveaway/

Help out the Habitats

Wildlife like squirrels and birds love pumpkin! So instead of throwing out your left overs, why not leave it at the bottom of the garden or at a local park or wood and give the inhabitants a seasonal treat!

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Gardeners World Gabriel Ash Greenhouse Competition Winner

We are delighted to finally tell you about one very lucky competition winner.  Back in 2017 in association with the BBC Gardeners World 50th Year Anniversary celebrations Gabriel Ash partnered with the magazine and the first prize was one of our RHS Rosemoor Greenhouses. Continue reading “Gardeners World Gabriel Ash Greenhouse Competition Winner”

Green Fingers Club

St Cyrils is a Specialist Rehabilitation Unit, supporting those with complex conditions. The Unit offers both inpatient and outpatient and respite care packages tailored to individual need. Our aim is to provide an environment that is caring, welcoming and with helpful, professional and helpful staff.  St Cyril’s provides a calming, therapeutic environment to assist patients to achieve the optimum level of care.

Within the grounds, patients have access to a sensory garden area.  The arrival of the greenhouse will support patient’s wellbeing and provide an opportunity for staff, patients and relatives to become involved in growing flowers and vegetables all year round.

St Cyril’s has developed a new gardening group, called the ‘Green Fingers Club’, which involves patients and families in the planning and development of the sensory garden with seasonal events throughout the year to support patients’ therapy.

The real benefit of having a greenhouse is that patients, carers and staff can contribute at lots of different levels and in lots of different ways, always with a positive outcome.

We are delighted to have our new greenhouse which was kindly donated and constructed by the team at Gabriel Ash.

We now look forward to a long and successful gardening season.


Growing Mistletoe In Your Garden

Mistletoe thrives in orchards, parks, and gardens, which should be encouraging to all gardeners and gardening enthusiasts looking to begin growing their own. As a hemiparasitic plant, mistletoe will grow well on the branches of a select number of tree species. It will use its host to obtain water and nutrients but will produce its own food by utilising its green leaves during the process of photosynthesis. Continue reading “Growing Mistletoe In Your Garden”


October’s when I start my autumn clear up with real gusto. First I empty my little greenhouse. This year it was brushed out, and any algae mould or moss removed from the wooden staging and brickwork. Then  the floor was scrubbed with hot water with some Jeyes fluid in it. My very own ‘Mr Sheen’, partner Matt, cleaned all the glass inside and out. I even jetted out the guttering with fresh water, so now it’s back to super sparkling.
Continue reading “#OctoberObsessions”