Grow Your Own Mistletoe

Now the recent storms have stripped away the leaves, it’s easy to spot those trees sporting a crop of mistletoe. Their distinctive nest-like shape is an instant giveaway and I’ve even managed to find some in the unlikeliest of spots in the centre of Chippenham. To help swell what’s available locally, I’m attempting to grow some of my own. Continue reading “Grow Your Own Mistletoe”

Get Growing With Garlic

I love garlic and now is the perfect time to plant some for next year. It’s great for a tasty addition to many meals, and home-grown has a better flavour than shop bought. It’s also good for health; studies have shown garlic may help to lower blood pressure, and its antifungal and antibacterial properties mean it helps fight disease and infection. Continue reading “Get Growing With Garlic”

Glasshouse Envy at Helmsley Walled Garden

One of the highlights of our recent holiday in North Yorkshire was a long overdue visit to Helmsley Walled Garden. I’ve always wanted a walled garden of my own and Helmsley‘s fits perfectly with the fantasy image I have in my head. Now I’ve added a huge glasshouse to the garden of my dreams as theirs are a sight to behold. Continue reading “Glasshouse Envy at Helmsley Walled Garden”

Marvellous Magnolias

There comes a time in spring when my neighbourhood explodes with the gorgeousness that is the sight of magnolia trees in full bloom. Here in Wiltshire that moment is right now in early May, though in other years it has occurred in April. Large white and pink blooms abound, making the trees look like they have thousands of candles on their bare branches. They also take on a luminous quality around dusk, which enhances their candle-like effect. Continue reading “Marvellous Magnolias”