The Best Greenhouse For Me?

The best greenhouse for your garden will depend on a number of factors. You need to decide the purpose of your greenhouse, the space you have available and the style you prefer, and you will want to invest in a greenhouse to fuel your burgeoning garden ambitions. Are you addicted to propagating trays of seedlings? Or do you want to use your greenhouse as an actual growing space, housing crops such as melons, peppers, aubergines, basil and tomatoes? You may want to use your greenhouse to store large tender fruit trees like oranges and peaches overwinter. Continue reading “The Best Greenhouse For Me?”

Greenhouse Gardening – The Basics

Welcome to the brave new world of greenhouse gardening! A garden without a greenhouse is like a house without a refrigerator or washing machine. Once you start using yours, you will wonder how you ever gardened without one. Suddenly your gardening will step up a level. The propagation bug is seriously compelling. Nothing is quite like a healthy tray of healthy seedlings to get a green-fingered pulse racing. Continue reading “Greenhouse Gardening – The Basics”